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The recent decrease in population has caused a shift of focus to nuclear families which has resulted in a rise in one person households.
The furniture markets as well as construction and interior design fields have all been  adapting to this one person household trend.
The market for space utilization furniture developed greatly under the lead of America and Europe,  but was harder to adopt in Korea.
However after devoting 7 to 8 years of development, we have created ‘Diziver’, a revolutionary series of space utilization furniture that can be used efficiently in both home and office settings.
Unlike the furniture that is commonly offered, we are confident you will enjoy this furniture the more you use it.
Our mission is to create individuals and products that surpass the Korean standard and aspire for global standards, with the goal to “impress customers with limitless kindness”.
If you would like an estimate or more product details, our staff will respond promptly.
We wish you good health and endless advancement.
Sung-Ik Park
President, Dain Sysfur